Thursday, April 25, 2013

Intern's Take on Volunteering

Intern Amanda has been doing a lot of research since she joined my team, and she has taken a particular interest in residents' willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to help out. Here's her take.

I loved growing up in Montgomery County; as a child I would spend mornings reading in the library, afternoons playing basketball at the Coffield Center and nights picnicking at the park. This wonderful county is my home and like many of the million other residents in its borders, I have always wondered what I could do to help make Montgomery County even better. It wasn’t until I began my internship with Councilmember Nancy Floreen that I learned how residents can get more involved in their community. One of the most significant ways to help our County is to join one of more than 75 boards, committees or commissions.

Montgomery County offers a wide variety of commissions; ranging from the Animal Matters Hearing Board to the Taxicab Service Advisory Committee. Simply visit the County's Web site and find a committee that you believe will best for you to serve the County. Of the many boards, committees and commissions available some piqued my interest:

The Forest Conservation Advisory Committee has 22 voting members who advise on forestry policy and promote a sustained forestry program. These members also promote green volunteering and act as an information source about Montgomery County plant life.

For those interested in finding justice after discrimination, consider joining the Human Rights Commission. This commission receives and investigates complaints of discrimination and conducts educational programs to promote equal rights for all. The Commission has implemented National Bullying Prevention Month and promoted their cause among other organizations such as the Montgomery County Muslim Council Iftar.

Residents of Montgomery County should get involved with these commissions not solely for their love of the County but also for the belief that they can make a difference. During my few months here at the Council, I have been to many hearings and committee meetings where I have seen members of my community stand up for their values and make real tangible progress. Every resident has the opportunity to be heard, they just need to get involved.

Current vacancies for boards, committees and commissions are posted on the County's Web site 


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