Monday, April 1, 2013

Discuss the Bag Tax on New County Site

If we modify the carryout bag fee law, what are your suggestions to change it, or should we keep it as it is now? This question came up recently in the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee and now is under discussion on the County’s new engageMontgomery Web site.

The engageMontgomery site serves as an informal online town hall meeting. Sign up for an account to express your own ideas on the bag tax or other key issues, or support the ideas that you like best from others. You can earn points for signing up for an account, points for sharing ideas, and even more points when others support your ideas. Cash in your points for various prizes such as a free round of golf at a County golf course, a home security evaluation by a County police officer and a story time and tour for up to four children at a County library.

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Anonymous said...

Get rid of the bag TAX everyone hates it!!!