Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joining the President for Transit Plan

Today I joined President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood for the unveiling of the President’s new strategic plan for an effective network of high-speed passenger trains. I was representing the National Association of Counties where I am a member of the Transportation Steering Committee and chair of the Transit Subcommittee.

It was a tremendous honor to join the President and transit advocates from across the country for the unveiling of this transit plan that represents the future of transportation in our country. As a longtime advocate for transit, I am pleased that this Administration is acting on principles we’ve employed here in Montgomery County for years such as smart growth, transportation choice and accessible communities.

The President’s plan identifies high speed rail as a viable, new choice for travel—providing seamless access to airports, light rail stations and busy urban centers, alleviating congestion on the roads and in the air, helping to make America’s communities more livable and sustainable and helping meet America’s environmental goals. Under the plan, high-speed passenger trains would run in 100 to 600 mile corridors.

President Obama based his plan on his stated strategic transportation goals to ensure safe and effective transportation choices; build a foundation for economic competitiveness; promote energy efficiency and environmental quality; and support interconnected livable communities.


Anonymous said...

This is an encouraging step for the future. I am very happy to see more focus on mass transit.

timfahey said...

New opportunities of innovation develop other branches of industry.

Anonymous said...

The focus on the rebuilding the rail system is long overdue. We should not only increase passenger travel but expand freight use. The reduction of trucks on the highway would save significant money and improve the environment.