Thursday, April 2, 2009

High School Students Promote Biodiesel

It has been my pleasure to work with Poolesville High School Global Ecologies Studies Program students Casey Alexander and Catherine Schur. For their senior project, Casey and Catherine decided to raise awareness of the use of biodiesel and to promote it as a green alternative to traditional diesel fuel.

I encourage you to take a look at their new Web site that highlights the benefits of biodiesel, debunks some common myths and points out areas where biodiesel is being used effectively. I think even seasoned biodiesel enthusiasts will find some new information there. Most surprising tidbit from the site: “Chicken fats tend to be much less expensive than soybean oil which accounts for the majority of biodiesel that is processed and sold in the United States.”

Now Casey and Catherine are encouraging the Beallsville Fire Department to convert its engines to biodiesel. I am so pleased with their good work and look forward to their future as green energy advocates.


Scotty said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this is sort of off topic, but still:
An recent survey of blogs published by Swedish members of Parlament showed sadly low numbers of comments. Since your blog obviously addresses a number of interesting an and important issues, I just hope that more voices will join the chorus and diversify the debate!

Ingemar Lindahl,

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine in the restaurant business say that they can get good money for their grease. Is there a county system in place to match up biodiesel makers with suppliers?