Thursday, March 26, 2009

Accommodating (not Aggressive) Growth

Randy Scritchfield's letter to the editor appeared in this week's Gazette. I've reprinted it here:

Contrary to the March 18 letter, "Floreen's aggressive growth stand is wrong," I found County Councilwoman Nancy Floreen's position ("Change we better believe in," March 4 commentary) visionary and accommodating — not aggressive.

Ideas such as making it easier for homeowners to have accessory apartments reflects not only the current economic times but addressees a meaningful demographic need.
Councilwoman Floreen speaks of a "practical" economic plan — a word not typically used in conjunction with economics in this county.

She cited a recent "acute" example (the Hilton Hotels decision) to make the case for our chronic problem — an inadequate and poorly articulated "Business is Welcome to Grow Here" message.
As American families are reconsidering what they are doing at home, Montgomery County could reconsider what we do in our own house (of intra-county economic policies) and put a new welcome mat out on our front porch for business, large and small.

Randy Scritchfield, Damascus

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