Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Step Toward a Music Venue in Silver Spring

Our approval of $2 million for the project takes us one step closer to a music venue in downtown Silver Spring, although it is by no means the last step. The deal still needs concurrence from the Planning Board, and further negotiations are needed among the County Executive, the Lee family and Live Nation. We don’t know exactly where the plan will go from here, except that the landowner is being asked to make the property available to the County. We do know, though, that businesses in Silver Spring are counting on a major splash from the music venue to generate foot traffic. I had a terrific lunch at Nicaro on Georgia Avenue today. More needs to be done to encourage shops and restaurants like it in the area. And one more thing--I’m really disappointed that NPR is not in the mix anymore. What a great addition that would have been.

The Silver Spring Music Venue economic development project provides for the J.C. Penney site on Colesville Road in Silver Spring to be converted into a Live Nation Fillmore brand entertainment venue. Lee Development Group will donate the land to the County and the County will own the concert hall. Live Nation will lease the hall from the County. The J.C. Penney facade is historic and will be maintained. This week's funding brings the project to its final total of $4 million. For more information click on the Silver Spring Music Venue link to the right and scroll to page 5.


Amanda said...

I read the MEMO and frankly it looks like Silver Spring is getting a very bad deal here. "It is what it is," is not the type of analysis that says 'this is REAL economic development!' I don't understand why you approved funding to give corporate welfare to the world's largest live entertainment company. With the county's budget facing a multi-million dollar shortfall, this 2 million could have been better spent.

Walter said...

I am extremely excited for the Silver Spring Fillmore. This will be great for the community. Local businesses will certainly see the benefits, and our downtown will have a wonderful new, vibrant addition. An entertainment venue like this will be an incredible step in downtown Silver Spring's redevelopment. Special thanks to the County Executive and the Planning Board for making this happen despite some opposition. I assure you that many Silver Spring residents share my excitement!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to know how those of us who live just north of the venue will travel down to Silver Spring and further south once this venue has opened? The traffic on Colesville in that area is already a disaster. Add a concert hall with 2000 patrons a night and there will surely be more gridlock. Why would anyone put a major concert hall on an already gridlocked major thoroughfare? Is there any planning going on here?