Thursday, March 6, 2008

Communities Recognizing Their Best

I want to thank the Greater Olney Civic Association for inviting me to their awards ceremony on Sunday. They did a great job in recognizing the members of their community who have made the most impact. My hat is off to GOCA and the other civic associations who celebrate civic leadership in this way. Congratulations.


Ron Berger said...

GOCA is thrilled to be able to recognize and honor each year those who help to make our community the great place it is. We also very much appreciate the attendance and participation of our elected officials. Thank you for being with us year after year. Ron Berger, GOCA Awards Chair

Bob said...

Olney residents appreciate the time our elected representatives are willing to take on a Sunday afternoon to help honor folks that make Olney such a wonderful place to live. I wish to add kudos for Barbara Falcigno's job as GOCA President this past year and thank the ongoing involvement of previous GOCA Presidents like Helene Rosenheim, Ron Berger, Dave Eskinazi and Art Brodsky - these leaders helped make my rookie year with GOCA easier and more enjoyable.