Friday, December 2, 2016

Changes to Council Web Site Create More Access

Check out the new and significant revision to the Council's Web site. You can now access in one click agendas for Council sessions and committee meetings. You can also get informational packets for every issue to be discussed at meetings and view live meetings and archived videos of past meetings. Go to and click on "Council Meeting Portal" to get this information plus minutes of prior meetings, summaries of Council actions and voting outcomes on legislation.

The Council broadcasts live all Council sessions, public hearings and committee meetings. If two committee meetings are ongoing simultaneously, you can choose from the site to see the live broadcast of either.

On the same page, click on “Archived Agendas and Packets,” to access archived agendas and prior informational meeting packets dating to 2004. A new “search” feature greatly improves the ability to find items by subject or name. Videos on demand are available for Council meetings and most committee meetings dating to 2005. Videos of evening public hearings back to 2010 also are available.

You can view videos of some Council special events, such as town hall meetings, or special programs produced by County Cable Montgomery  under “Other Council Videos.”

To access the new site and its key information for upcoming meetings:

  • From the Council home page, click on the box near the top of the page that reads “Council Meeting Portal. Agendas, Packets, Live and Archived Video.”
  • On the page, under “Current and Upcoming Meetings,” find meetings identified by date and the desired session.
  • Click on “Agendas/Packets” and then go to the meeting informational packet for that specific item.Agendas for upcoming meetings are generally available two-to-three working days before a meeting. Detailed informational packets for each item on an agenda are generally added about 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Information on previous Council sessions or committee worksessions are available by finding the desired meeting and clicking on either “Agendas/Packets” or “Video.” Meeting videos can be viewed by specific items, so you do not have to watch the entire meeting when seeking video on just one item.

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