Thursday, April 21, 2016

Health Officer's Report on Zika Virus

On Tuesday the County's Health Officer briefed the Council on the Zika virus, how it may affect Montgomery County and what precautions you should take. Although no cases of the virus have been reported in Montgomery County, there have been eight travel-related cases in Maryland, and the range of mosquitoes that carry the disease can expand to our area. See the video of the briefing (agenda item 6) or visit the County's Zika virus Web page for more information.

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Richard Allan said...


Thanks for posting the availability of the MC Zika Virus website info. It's excellent and should be available to all the states and counties for that matter. New Mexico, my current state, needs all the help it can get regarding this sort of public health information. Is there a way folks can get that sort of access? Thanks for whatever you can do.