Friday, March 13, 2015

Report Potholes Online or by Phone

Watch out for those early spring flowers--potholes. The Department of Transportation is hard at work filling them right now, and remember, you can report potholes online or by calling 311.

DOT has filled more than 2,000 potholes since January 1, and most of them were filled within 48 hours of when they were reported. The Division of Highway Services has four pothole trucks and crews that fill potholes nearly every day of the year. The crews respond to reports of potholes and, if on their way they see others that need to be filled, they take care of them as well. Since spring is a peak time for pothole formation, DHS has added 20 additional trucks and crews this week to fill potholes. Sometimes potholes result from significant structural problems in the roads. In these cases, major repairs to the roads will need to be made, and these fixes require more than 48 hours to accomplish.

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