Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Residential Road Plowing

Here's the update we received from DOT about the status of residential road treatments:

MCDOT crews have fully transitioned into treating residential neighborhoods and will continue until all residential streets have been addressed. All roads are anticipated to be treated by evening rush hour. However, travel countywide will continue to be hazardous due to winds that may result in “blow over" snow on previously treated roads. MCDOT’s policy of treating neighborhood streets is to provide “passable” roads which may allow a thin layer of packed snow or ice after plowing and treatment. Crews will continue to monitor all neighborhood street conditions as melting and/or refreezing of runoff occurs. Please exercise extreme caution at all times. Progress and information on residential plow operations may be tracked on the County's Storm Operations Map found on its website at Additional request for service or to report missed streets may be requested through the map portal which is the most effective manner to request additional service and/or to report missed streets. Please note that the portal will only accept requests if the street(s) are reported by MCDOT to be complete. Please be patient as DOT attends to more than 4,200 lane miles of residential street during snow removal.

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