Friday, February 1, 2013

Making my Shopping List

I'll be joining some of my Council colleagues and nonprofit providers at the Giant on Hungerford Drive on Monday morning at 9:00 to shop for the SNAP the Silence Challenge, so stop by and say hello. Even better, join us in the challenge.

I've been working on my shopping list, trying to make sure I get enough fruits and (especially) vegetables, as recommended by my oncologist, but I'm already finding it tough on just $25. Here are some resources on how to extend a food budget:

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Anonymous said...

Well, your first problem is going to Giant. Today I went to a Giant to pick up some veggies for dinner and was shocked by the prices. I promptly left and went to "Best Way" where a pound box of strawberries was $.99 vs 3.99 at Giant; zucchini was $1.79 a pound vs 2.50 and bananas were $.49 a pound vs .69 or maybe it was .79 a pound at Giant. You'll find that $$ goes further for produce and fresh meat in off-brand stores! Processed food prices are higher in these stores however.