Friday, December 7, 2012

High School Student Joins our Team for a Day

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting high school student Amanda Cohen in my office as a part of a job shadowing program. She wrote me this terriffic letter about her day. Do you agree she'll make a good public servant some day? She certainly has the diplomacy skills. Here are her experiences in her own words:

Dear Council Member Floreen,

Thank you so much for giving me a sneak peek into the world of local government. When I first arrived at the County Council building the large glass doors and sleek elevators easily intimidated me and as I waited in the sixth floor lobby my anxiety grew. I tried to think of everything I could remember from my AP Government class last year, hoping that the reason I began to love government would come to my rescue. Luckily a friendly face came to wake me out of my nervous trance. She introduced herself as Jocelyn and as she showed me around the sixth floor offices my nerves began to ease and I began to realize, once again, how much I enjoyed public service.

Very few students have the opportunity to experience such an amazing and insightful day of real world government. I was first sent to a meeting in the smaller council room where the newly elected Montgomery County President, Nancy Navarro and Council Member George Leventhal questioned an expert on the effects of Obama Care on Montgomery County. During my second meeting, on the affects of Hurricane Sandy, Jocelyn took me out early and I finally had the chance to meet you. The first thing I noticed when we met was the air of optimism and joy that radiated from around the office. Everyone was smiling and laughing. It seemed my preconceived notions of government workers being dull and dreary were completely wrong. Your staff is absolutely amazing! They welcomed me in excitedly and laughed every time someone walked by and recognized that I wasn't your regular office aide.

Everyone at the council was genuinely interested in my perspective of education and teaching, and asked many questions about my interest in local government. I learned so much about the Council and how it impacts the one million people it serves for that I now recognize the trivial role of local government. The men and women of the Montgomery County Council are the people who make the laws that directly and immediately impact all of its constituents. I am so greatful for this experience and can never thank you enough for letting me come and shadow the council for a day.

Amanda Cohen
Bethesda-chevy Chase High School

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