Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Civil War App for Montgomery

I love Heritage Montgomery’s new smartphone app: A Civil War Tour of Montgomery County, Maryland. This free smartphone app, available for both Android and iPhone, allows you to stream or download historic tours of Civil War sites throughout Montgomery County.

As the Civil War unfolded across our nation in the 1860s, the residents of Montgomery County lived in a war zone. Strategically located next to the District of Columbia and across the Potomac River from Virginia, Montgomery County and the State of Maryland were of vital importance to the security of our nation’s capital. Thousands of soldiers from both sides passed through the area; spying and smuggling made trusting your neighbor difficult; staples grew scarce as the war progressed; and the sound of cannon fire from across the Potomac River in Virginia created a tension felt by all. Martial law was imposed throughout Maryland, a slave-holding state until November 1, 1864.

The Heritage Montgomery Civil War Tour app takes you to a wide variety of unique historic locations and tells the story of local life in the 1860s. Interactive GPS maps that include your current location and all points of interest on the tours allow for easy navigation. The full-color video and slideshows and compelling narrative share the history of the sites you are seeing. Contact information including websites and phone numbers for each location delivers all the information you need for each tour stop.

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