Monday, April 16, 2012

Second Glenmont Garage Now Open

What a beautiful day for this morning’s opening ceremony for the new Glenmont Metro Station parking garage. It is a welcome addition to the very popular station as it nearly doubles the amount of parking.

This second garage at Glenmont Station is on the west side of Georgia Avenue and replaced one of the station’s Kiss & Ride lots. It adds 1,200 parking spaces, bringing the total number of parking spaces at Glenmont to 3,000.

A canopy connects the garage entrance to the Metrorail entrance. The garage features customer assistance phones, extra lighting, digital security cameras and a police room to enhance security. Parking at the garage costs $4.75, and you can use a SmartTrip fare card or credit card for payment.

Most end-of-line Metro stations have at least 3,000 parking spaces to encourage commuters coming from areas with fewer transit options to use alternative transportation for at least part of their trip. The lack of available parking at Glenmont caused many commuters who wanted to take transit to actually drive further to find space in another parking garage, or even forgo the use of transit altogether.

Metro managed the design/build project for the County and contracted with Forrester Construction Company, a local Rockville firm. The garage will be operated and maintained by Metro.

The Glenmont Metro Station first opened in 1999. With an average of about 6,000 weekday boardings, the station has the fifth highest ridership of transit stations in Montgomery County.

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