Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zoning Rewrite Open Houses

Montgomery County planners have undertaken a comprehensive rewrite of the county’s Zoning Ordinance. In concert with a team of consultants and a public steering committee, planners are simplifying a complex, outdated code to reinforce Montgomery County’s enviable quality of life. The zoning code was last comprehensively rewritten in 1977.

You can help the consultants and staff shape the future direction of the rewrite at one of several spring open houses. At these meetings, you will have the chance to learn what’s being considered and how potential zoning changes might apply to your neighborhood. To learn more, visit the M-NCPPC Web site.

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Lynn said...

I very much hope that many people will attend these sessions, so the many rumors that are circulating about how the new zoning code will drastically change the county will be dispelled.