Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making the Shady Grove Sector Plan a Reality

Today I joined the County Executive at the groundbreaking for the first new facility to be constructed under the Smart Growth Initiative which is designed to revitalize the old industrial area around the Shady Grove Metro station, transforming it into a modern urban village.

The Equipment and Maintenance Operations Center (EMOC) project is a collection of 13 buildings that will serve administrative functions, bus parking, maintenance, equipment storage and other functions for the Departments of Transportation and General Services.

When we approved the Shady Grove Sector Plan in 2005, we envisioned a modern, vibrant, transit-oriented community centered on the Shady Grove Metro station. With today’s groundbreaking, we’re taking the first step toward making that vision a reality. We’re paving the way to an exciting future—a future that’s full of opportunities for economic development, housing and quality of life.

The Sector Plan calls for transforming the area around the Shady Grove Metro station from light industrial uses to transit-oriented housing by building up to 6,500 new units, including affordable and workforce housing. To accomplish this goal, the County Service Park facilities, which are located in the heart of the planning area along Crabbs Branch Way, must be relocated. The facilities that will be moved include EMOC; the Department of Liquor Control Headquarters and Warehouse; Montgomery County Public Schools Food Distribution Center, Bus Depot and Facilities Maintenance Depot; Crabbs Branch Day Labor Center; County Radio Shop; and Park and Planning Facilities Maintenance Depot.

Of course the EMOC project incorporates many green design elements including a pilot project to reclaim, treat and reuse rainwater for toilet flushing and bus washing, reducing water use by 80 percent. Additionally, 75 percent of the building roofs will be green roofs to decrease stormwater runoff.

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