Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reconciliation List and Tentative Budget Agreement on Thursday

On Thursday, May 19, we will hold our final scheduled worksessions, and we expect to reach tentative agreement regarding the FY12 total operating budget.

As part of the worksession, we will approve items that have been previously placed on the reconciliation lists for the capital and operating budgets. The lists contain items the Council and its committees set aside during budget worksessions for consideration after other priorities were funded. Reconciliation list items will be approved depending on how much funding remains available.

Thursday’s vote represents the final signal of our intent, although we are scheduled to formally adopt the budget on Thursday, May 26. The adopted budget will go into effect on July 1.

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Bob Fischer said...

The school's have to share in any cuts. There are 22,500 employees for 146,000 kids. General government has 8,000 employees for almost a million residents...that is one employee for every 6.5 kids as compared to 1 employee for every 125 residents. We all get paid by the taxpayers, some better than others. I don't buy into scare tactics of my home value decreasing because there is less money in the school budget but if police, fire, libraries, recreation and maintenance of County property and facilities keep going down, no matter how many employees the school system has, it won't mean a hill of beans.
The property tax rate here is really low. No one wants to cut services and service is provided whether you've paid your fair share or not. It is getting to the point of ones tax bill becoming a charitable donation.
I have gone through a RIF, a voluntary demotion to stay employed, a furlough and not that many years ago I was honored as Montgomery County's employee of the year. I commend you and your fellow Councilmembers for going into uncharted waters and looking to serve all your constituents fairly. Thank you very much!