Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decline in Deer-Vehicle Collisions

A new report shows a continued slow decline in deer-vehicle collisions in the county for the seventh year in a row, but also calls attention to an increase in resident complaints about deer damage, particularly in Montgomery County’s more urbanized areas. To see the Montgomery County Deer Management Work Group’s report, go to http://www.montgomeryparks.org/PPSD/Natural_Resources_Stewardship/Living_with_wildlife/deer/documents/2010_deer-report-.pdf.

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Fritz Hirst said...

Nancy- The National Park Service is currently developing a comprehensive white-tailed deer management plan for Rock Creek Park. This proposal caught the attention of the Rollingwood community due to our proximity to the park and the explosion of the deer population. The park proposes a combination of "lethal" and "non-lethal" measures to thin the herd. The public comment period was extended to early November. Perhaps you and/or the Council would like to weigh in on the matter. -Fritz Hirst