Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls Power Up Computers

A couple of years ago, I chaired the Girls in Technology Task Force—a group of public sector, private industry and education professionals committed to increasing the number if girls involved in technology studies.

We learned that seven out of 10 of the fastest growing occupations projected from 2004-2014 are technology-related professions. However, by grade eight, half as many girls as boys show interest in careers that require math, science and technology knowledge and skills. As a result, far fewer girls are positioned for technology professions, and there is no evidence that numbers will increase under current conditions without a concerted effort to improve the situation.

So, get your girl over to Montgomery College for two-week camp sessions filled with creative and interesting projects designed especially for middle school girls. Campers will create cool digital graphics and design their own Web sites while using their creativity and sense of style. You can choose from sessions offered at each of the college’s three campuses. Best of all, you can apply for a limited number of scholarships available through the Montgomery County Commission for Women.

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