Monday, December 1, 2008

How Can the New Administration Help Us?

President-Elect Obama as well as leaders in the House and Senate have indicated that infrastructure and alternative energy projects will be a focus of the economic stimulus legislation. How can Montgomery County benefit from the anticipated federal spending? What projects or services would you like me and other local officials to pursue as a part of the stimulus package? Some have suggested transit constructions projects, while others have mentioned a program to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency. What do you think?

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williamjacobs said...

A few possibilities:

1) Over and underpasses to ease congestion where it already exists.
2) Expanding library hours (jobs AND education)
3) Replant county landscaping for lower maintenance costs (grass mowing) and cut down on fertilizer, pesticide, and runoff.
4) Express buses that don't stop every hundred yards. Transponders that can change traffic signals as buses approach (already in use in Alexandria.)
5) The energy efficiency retrofits are good too.