Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Plan to Invigorate Ailing Transportation Program

We are considering a plan to move forward on several State transportation projects by using County funds previously set aside to help fund State transportation projects. The plan, totaling $51.2 million, is a unanimous recommendation from the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee, which I chair.

We asked staff from the Executive Branch, the Planning Board and the County Council to come up with this plan in response to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s September announcement that it would cut more than $100 million in funds that were intended for State projects in Montgomery County. The cuts eliminate and reduce many significant transportation projects.

Under the plan, we will allocate money from the County’s State Transportation Participation program. This already-funded program provides for the County’s participation in funding State and Metro projects that will add capacity to the County’s network and reduce congestion. It is funded primarily by Montgomery County Liquor Fund Revenue Bonds, and we propose to use much of the funding to offset some State cuts.

This plan jump starts critical State transportation projects. Transportation remains the top priority for Montgomery County residents who are tired of being stuck in traffic. We need congestion relief now. That’s why I am pleased to be putting this plan forward. View the entire press release.


Fred Wagner said...

Ms. Floreen, I saw that some money has been set aside for the Glenmont Metro garage project. What is the precise status of that much-needed garage? I was told earlier in the year that design was supposed to be finished in 2008, with construction to begin early 2009. Is that still the case?


Councilmember Nancy Floreen said...

The schedule hasn't changed much. Final design will take about 6 months, so construction will probably begin in late spring 2009. Construction will take about 18 months, so the garage should be open in the late fall of 2010.