Friday, August 8, 2008

Trash Talk in the Office

We’re avid recyclers in my office, so we jumped right in with our yogurt cups, butter tubs and laundry detergent containers when we got the County’s expanded recycling regulations at the beginning of July. But that brought up some questions for us. Rebecca wanted to know if she could recycle the plastic egg crates that are used to package eggs from free-range chickens. Sorry, not those—they are made of polystyrene. Jocelyn wondered if the City of Gaithersburg was accepting the same new items as the County. After a couple weeks, yes, Gaithersburg started accepting the new items, but not all cities and towns are on board yet, so you should check with your municipality if you live in one. Joyce worried she wouldn’t have enough bin space, but we found out she can get another (or larger) bin by contacting the Division of Solid Waste . We also learned that businesses can participate in the new program if they let their recycling collector know to take their recyclables to Montgomery County's Recycling Center. Have you expanded your recycling now that the County accepts more items? Have the new regs raised any questions for you?

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