Friday, June 13, 2008

Think Tank: New Ideas to Decrease Montgomery County's Reliance on the Property Tax

You are invited to join me, along with civic, business and elected leaders, to look at ways of reducing Montgomery County's reliance on the property tax as a primary revenue source. Discussion themes include: How reliable is the property tax as a revenue stream? What options exist for stabilizing the county's funding? And what is the most equitable way of sharing the county's obligations? To see the invitation, click on "Think Tank" to the right.


John Cooper-Martin said...

I think the property tax is unfair, as senior citizens bought properties, when property values were low. Now that property values have increased, and their incomes have decreased, their property taxes are too much.

The fairest way to balance the County's budget is to increase income taxes. Any other way of raising revenue, such as increasing the sales tax, etc. is regressive and hurts low-income people.

I realize that my household will most likely have an increase in our income tax, but I think this is the only fair way to balance the budget and to keep vital county services, such as our excellent school system.

Anonymous said...

The property taxes in Mont Co are ridiculous - they are running roughshod over the citizens. My taxes increased year over year at the highest rate when the home values are down the most since the Great Depression..does this make sense..? my mortgage payment is going up because of the increase in taxes at a time when values have sunk..what is the Property Taxes section of the COunty thinking..?